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30 days of booking

Fill your Party calendar with the tips, ideas and training included on this page. Start with the 30 Days of Booking – click each day below to open the links to training and support for each booking tip.

Download 30 days of booking flyer


Count On Yourself

You can always count yourself! Learn how that one can turn into three!

Who Do YOU Know?

This one simple activity will help you realize you know plenty of people to reach out to Host.

Who Do You Know  / FRANKI List - PDF  Who Do You Know / F.R.A.N.K.I. - JPG


Facebook Bookings Podcast

Looking for more Booking tips for online events? Listen to this Listen to this podcast and try one new idea!

Booking Rewards

Learn a few tips on how to share the Booking Rewards … because who doesn’t love free Norwex®?!

Index Card System

Listen and make your own virtual index card system for an in-person event!

Mindset Matters!

Listen to the video clip and identify your belief gaps.

Referral Link

Know someone who loves Norwex but isn’t ready to host? This link can be shared with anyone, anywhere!

Mystery Host

Want to mix it up? Throw a Mystery Host Event in your VIP Group.

Mystery Host Flyer

Host Coaching + Bookings

Listen to this fresh perspective on how the two work hand in hand.


For customers who aren’t ready for in-person events, offer this for an alternative to secure bookings!
Messenger Party Template

Party Styles

Try-Me Kit

Have a Customer who’s interested, but not ready to purchase a product? Lend them a Try-Me Kit to test it out!

VIP Group: Theme Events

Watch this video on VIP Groups. P.S. Pay attention around the 10-minute mark for some fun ideas!

Lend a Mop

Own an extra Mop System? Lend one out like a Try-Me Kit.


Check out this Google Doc, and follow up with some of your Customers today!

Follow-Up Form


Share what you love about sample products on your social media stories.


Check out this fun, fresh take on turning consumables into Bookings within your VIP Group!

Why AutoShip & Save?

Work smarter, not harder. With AutoShip & Save, it’s as easy as 1-2-3! Start sharing this opportunity today.

Booking Seeds

Check out the flyer, and use a new Booking seed in your next party!

Booking Seeds

The Power of One

Watch and see how the Power of One can impact your business.

Mock Party

Just starting out and not sure how to approach your warm circle? Check out this tip!

Checkout Clip

Want more tips on virtual checkout? Listen to this clip, and use a new idea today!

Follow Up

Follow Up (Kelsey Klunk) New Text for Calendar: Fortune is in the follow up, right? Bookings are also in the follow up! Check out these tips.


Pop-Up Demo

Gather your Safe Haven 5 kit, and be ready to demo when you’re out and about!

Social Tips for Bookings

Social Tips for Bookings New Text for Calendar: Creating the Like, Know, Trust factor on social to secure sales and bookings.

Ask for Referrals!

During all of your follow- up and Customer calls, ask for referrals! You might just be surprised by the results.

Host Coaching = More Bookings

Effective Host Coaching ultimately leads to more Bookings!

Host Coaching Connecting Your Host

Posting Host Rewards

Before deleting or closing your online party, share the latest Host Rewards. Watch this video to learn more.

Perfect Your Mop Demo

Watch the mop demo, and practice to perfect yours to help plant effective Booking seeds.

VIP Group Podcast

Listen to this episode, and post a Booking incentive in your own VIP Group.

Share “Why Norwex?” Video

Post the video on your social media. Follow up with anyone who comments to see if they would like to book a party.