June at a Glance

Saturday, June 1st, 2024

Celebrate a Better World in June 

In June, we celebrate 30 years of living better; a greener, cleaner earth, amazing skin care; connection and community.

3 things to do this month

1. Celebrate Norwex’s 30th anniversary

Take some time this month to shout Norwex out to your friends, family and social media and share how it has improved your life over the past 30 years, and where you see us going in the next 30.

2. Use hashtags!

Share your events using #partywithpurpose to boost post engagement, drive sales and get the word out that you’re celebrating! Plus, use #welcome2norwex to promote joining the opportunity.

3. Promote to Team Coordinator

Work hard this month to promote you or someone in your Downline to Team Coordinator, and get a FREE Norwex-branded gift for accomplishing it!

See: Spring into Leadership Flyer

A go-to guide for June 

Consultants/Team Building

Sales Tools, Training & Information



See: The Resource > This Month’s Files

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